On the SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA official website, respecting the privacy of everyone who browses the homepage, personal information that can identify individuals such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., "Yamaga City Private Information Protection Ordinance "We will handle it properly.

About personal information

When using some contents, there are cases where you need to input / send personal information such as user's name, contact information, etc. from the necessity of analyzing the reply and opinions etc. received. For personal information we collect, we will not explain its purpose and use beyond the purpose of collection, nor provide such personal information to third parties. However, this is not the case if you are obtaining consent from the user himself or if it is stipulated by laws or ordinances. In this homepage, we use "Cookie" technology to provide easy-to-use services for users. "Cookie" is a technology for web server to identify your computer, but we do not have information to identify individuals.

About link

SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA The link to the official website is free in principle. However, please be sure to link only the link which can be accessed directly to and specify that it is a link to SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA official website. In the case that the content of the link origin site is contrary to public order and morals etc., we may request deletion or correction of the link on our own judgment of the website administrator.

About copyright

SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA All rights to the image, layout, design and structure of the official website belong to Yamaga City. SILK on VALLEY YAMAGA It is prohibited to quote, reprint and process all the documents posted on the official website without the permission of the city without permission.


Yamaga City may suspend or suspend the homepage or alter the whole or part of the contents without advance notice to the user due to server maintenance or troubles. Depending on the user's communication or computer environment etc., the website may not be used correctly, unlike what Yamaga City intends. Also, if you change the contents of the privacy policy, the contents will be posted on this website. We will not contact you individually.

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