Ehime · Kumamoto collaboration POP UP STORE in Yamaga silk with silk shampoo limited sale decision

Limited sale event

Himekura in Kumamoto
Tsutaya Bookstore Kumamoto Sannenzaka 1st Floor Event Space · Hinomaru Marche
Ehime Industry Promotion Foundation
Reception for media
August 8th, 2017 18 o'clock (Sannenzaka Morricone at the venue)※
Event overview
Ehime prefecture and Kumamoto prefecture are also agricultural prefecture blessed with each other's natural environment. In addition, in Ehime it is a deep connection with silk such as Nomura Silk (Seiyo Nomura Silk Museum (spinning plant) / brand silk "Camellia") and silkworm (silkworm egg) production facilities.
So at "Year-round Aseptic Sericulture Factor" by Atsumaru Holdings Co., Ltd., with "Ehime" which is connected by two points of agriculture · silk, "containing Yamaga silk" shampoo limited to develop more interesting and attractive commodities and contents We realized the sale of products.
Collaboration Product Name
SILMORE Shampoo with Yamaga silk derived nano-fibroin


Tsutaya Bookstore Kumamoto Sannenzaka
(A period limited SHOP of the antenna shop "Himekura" aiming to know more about the goodness of Ehime develops within Tsutaya Bookstore Kumamoto Sannenzaka )
Product Summary
We imagined the extent of functionality and possibilities of silk, "SILK + MORE", "SILMORE" brand was born.
The logo expresses "cocoon" and all possibilities hidden there are "infinity (∞)".
This time, we prepared a new shampoo and treatment using "Yamaga silk" produced in complete organic.

※This item is scheduled to be sold only at the limited-time store. Future general sales will be announced
※For those who wish to interview at the reception, please contact the following inquiries.

Product vendor · contact address

REBIRTH PROJECT TRADING co.,ltd(Staff:Mr. Takanori Kiyotani)